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巧虎進階版是為小二以上設計的教材,藉由【作文冒險王+冒險法寶】、【精選世界名著】、【成語中的知識】,搭配【知識漫畫讀本】、【探索世界系列】、【 FUN口袋書系列】,提升閱讀理解、學習寫作技巧並獲得豐富寫作素材。內容同時也含括了STEAM新素養的主題,透過漫畫故事穿插知識,融合動手操作的樂趣,滿足孩子旺盛的求知欲、培養思考與活用知識的能力,打造挑戰未來的關鍵力!


  • Ciaohu The advanced version is a teaching material designed for elementary school and above. It combines [Composition Adventure King + Adventure Magic], [Selected World Classics], [Knowledge in Idioms], combined with [Knowledge Comics Reader], [Explore the World Series], [FUN Pocket Book Series], improve reading comprehension, learn writing skills and obtain rich writing materials. The content also includes the theme of STEAM's new literacy. Through comic stories interspersed with knowledge and the fun of hands-on operation, it satisfies children's strong thirst for knowledge, cultivates the ability to think and use knowledge, and creates the key force to challenge the future!

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