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巧虎 快樂版是年度升級登場的9月到隔年8月  12個月的教材,快樂版是提供3-4歲小班階段孩子使用的教材,包含「智育思考、英語學習、自然科學、人際EQ、自我保護」等學習主軸,並提供多元媒材與各式主題教具讓孩子快樂的在遊戲中學習,激發孩子學習動機與好奇心,以養成孩子自主學習的態度和習慣。


  • CiaoHu Happy Edition is a 12-month teaching material from September to August of the next year, which is upgraded annually. The Happy Edition is a teaching material for children aged 3-4 in small classes, including "intellectual thinking, English learning, natural science, interpersonal EQ, Self-protection" and other learning axes, and provide multiple media and various themed teaching aids to let children learn happily in the game, stimulate children's learning motivation and curiosity, and cultivate children's attitude and habit of independent learning.

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