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巧虎 幼幼版是年度升級登場的9月到隔年8月  12個月的教材,適合2-3歲歲左右的寶寶。 幼幼版以「智育思考」、「生活自理」、「语汇表达」、「自我保护」和「人际礼仪」为学习主轴,依据2-3岁孩子的能力发展规划教材内容。每月从孩子周遭事物取材,贴合孩子生活经验再向外延伸,学习主题皆以智能读本、学习教具、点读笔系列、入园准备小书和影音媒材互相搭配,让孩子先建立观念再延伸玩法,并在生活中验证,将动脑思考化为游戏与生活的一部分,引导孩子获得「我做到了」的自信心。


  • CiaoHu Yoyo Edition is a 12-month teaching material from September to August of the next year, which is upgraded every year, and is suitable for Toddler around 2-3 years old. The Yoyo Edition focuses on "Intellectual Thinking", "Living Self-Care", "Vocabulary Expression", "Self-Protection" and "Interpersonal Etiquette" as the main learning axis, and plans the content of the teaching materials according to the ability development of 2-3 year old children. The materials are collected from the children’s surroundings every month, according to the children’s life experience, and then extended outwards. The learning themes are all matched with smart books, learning aids, point reading pen series, kindergarten preparation books and audio-visual media, so that children can first establish concepts Then extend the gameplay, and verify it in life, turn brain thinking into a part of the game and life, and guide children to gain the self-confidence of "I did it".

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