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14本遊戲書+ DVD+海報+貼紙






香港(廣東話)寶寶版 (1年14期) 粵語版 (2022年7月號起訂 12+2期))每月空郵掛號派送,7-16工作天

  • Qiaohu Baby cantonese Edition  is a 14-month teaching material from September to August of the next year, which is upgraded every year, and is suitable for babies around 1-2 years old. The new annual baby version is based on the development of children's abilities, and specially plans five major learning areas of "Life Habits", "Vocabulary Expression", "Phonetic Rhythm", "Intellectual Inspiration", and "Interpersonal Interaction". The three-stage learning of painting, as well as the linkage of monthly toys, audio-visual media and game book themes, allow you to read and play with your baby happily. With multiple learning methods, your child will naturally enjoy learning and grow up happily! !

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