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巧虎 成長版是年度升級登場的9月到隔年8月  12個月的教材,成長版是專為滿足中班(4~5歲孩子)好奇心所規劃的教材,內容著重由「觀察」到「實作」後能「活用知識」並建立良好的學習態度。新年度四大學習領域含「活化思考力」、「奠定注音基礎力」、「提高數學邏輯力」和「生活科學實作」;每月的讀本與潛能大挑戰遊戲書,以及年度教具與學習附錄、影音媒材等的連動學習,可以啟發主動求知,培養孩子跨領域的能力!


  • CiaoHu The growth edition is a teaching material specially designed to satisfy the curiosity of middle class (4-5 year old children). The content focuses on "using knowledge" and establishing a good learning attitude after "observation" to "practice". The four learning areas of the new year include "activating thinking ability", "laying the foundation of phonetic notation", "improving mathematical logic ability" and "life science practice"; monthly reading books and potential challenge game books, as well as annual teaching aids and learning Linked learning of appendices, audio-visual media, etc. can inspire active knowledge seeking and cultivate children's ability to cross fields!

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