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巧虎寶寶版是年度升級登場的9月到隔年8月  12個月的教材,適合1-2歲歲左右的寶寶。 全新年度寶寶版是依據1-2歲歲的孩子能力發展,特別規畫「生活習慣」、「語彙表達」、「音感節奏」、「智育啟發」、「人際互動」五大學習領域,透過完整規畫的三階段學習,以及每月玩具、影音媒材與遊戲書主題連動,讓您與寶貝開心共讀、遊戲,藉由多元的學習方式,讓孩子自然而然樂在學習,開心成長茁壯! !




巧虎寶寶版 (1-2歲)

  • Qiaohu Baby Edition is a 12-month teaching material from September to August of the next year, which is upgraded every year, and is suitable for babies around 1-2 years old. The new annual baby version is based on the development of children's abilities of 1-2 years old, and specially plans five major learning areas of "Life Habits", "Vocabulary Expression", "Phonetic Rhythm", "Intellectual Inspiration", and "Interpersonal Interaction". The three-stage learning of painting, as well as the linkage of monthly toys, audio-visual media and game book themes, allow you to read and play with your baby happily. With multiple learning methods, your child will naturally enjoy learning and grow up happily! !

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